The nature of Zen Shiatsu

Our body is a real marvel that is continously working to keep us healthy, so we can possibly have a long life.


For this purpose our body makes use of the universal life energy, in Japanese: ki, in Chinese: Qi. The better we are connected with this vital force and the more freely this energy can flow through our body, the better these health promoting processes can run and we feel both relaxed and totally energized at the same time.


Over the millenia human kind all over the world has developed different techniques in order to make full use of this vital energy.

Based on this kind of traditional treatment methods from Japan, as well as the meridian system from traditional Chinese medicine, Shizuto Masunaga  developed in the 1970s his own type of Shiatsu that became very popular in the western world as Zen Shiatsu.


Zen Shiatsu is an effective and pleasently gentle method for supporting the connection to this life energy by an attentive touch to dissolve blockages and restore deep energetic connections for a holistic well-being. The high art of Zen Shiatsu lies in the capacity of adjusting the touch completely to the actual individual person.


This vivid kind of mindfulness is for me the essence of Zen Shiatsu.