What happens during a Zen Shiatsu treatment?

Usually a treatment begins with a brief consultation. Afterwards you are lying on a comfortable futon on the ground and the actual Zen Shiatsu treatment will start:


A Zen Shiatsu treatment follows the energetic patterns of the body in that particular moment.

Beneficial deep pressure with palms, knees, elbows or fingers along the meridians alternates with soft stretching and gentle rotations of single joints. Blockages are dissolved and the flow of energy is supported. You feel your body as a whole again.


A Zen Shiatsu treatment is an attentive encounter, where nothing is forced and everything is harmoniously adapted to the present needs at that moment.


After the treatment you will relax for a few minutes on the futon in order to allow the benefits of the treatment to evolve completely.


total duration: 60 minutes.


Zen Shiatsu treatments can be particularly helpful:

  • in times of stress for easy and relaxed dealing with challenges*
  • for insomnia to recover deep and restful sleep*
  • for an holistic support during pregnancy and postpartum period*
  • in the menopause to support a serene phase of all changes*
  • for PMS*
  • for chronic symptoms and patterns* 

For deep and long-lasting changes regular Zen Shiatsu treatments are suggested.

After an initial series of sessions to adress particular symptoms, a lot of clients choose to continue receiving treatments on a regular basis as part of their positive approach to maintaining their health.



*Health promoting shiatsu is not a medical treatment. It does not substitute medically necessary measures.